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we offer all levels of obedience training for all breeds of dogs!




Puppy class:   

    Puppy class is taught by Shelly Wallace.  This class is for pure and mixed breeds from three to six months of age, who have never attended a formal class before and want to learn the basics (sit, down, stay, come, stand, controlled walking etc...).  Owners will be educated about crate training, grooming, nutrition, and behavior modification.  Puppies will be allowed to interact with other puppies and people in a CONTROLLED atmosphere and will be introduced to different surfaces and agility obstacles to develop and build confidence. 





Sub-novice :

This class is taught by Greta Marchus and Bridget Telencio.    The class is offered for dogs over 6 months that have completed a basic puppy class. This class is designed for those who are looking to reinforce what they have learned in puppy class and to go one step further in the training of the basic commands like Heel, Sit, Say, Stand etc.    Dogs enrolled in this class are required wear a leash (no flexi leads please) and a training collar (no halties or harness please).  A training collar is a choke collar or a pinch collar.


                Advanced Sub Novice:

This class is also taught by Greta Marchus  and Bridget Telencio.  This class is just a continuation of things you have learned in sub-novice.  We will try to instill better handling by you and more attention from your dog. This Class is also for those of you whose dogs know there basic commands but need brushing up on things.  If you would like to see how we train we offer a complimentary training session to see if you like how we work please call Greta for more details




    This class is taught by Greta Marchus and Bridget Telencio.  This class is for a dog and handlers that want more obedience training and might be interested in showing in obedience.  This class will continue with the basics and add more on working to get the dogs ring ready for competition. 




Open & Utility:   

    This class is  taught by Greta Marchus and Connie Tustin.  This class is less formal  and does not follow a set pattern every week.  The dogs are instructed in basic open work through utility.  Utility dogs are kept up to date for UDX completion.   


Revised on 09/17/2006