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Greta Marchus:  Greta has trained dogs for over 25 years.  She has titled her dogs in many AKC sports.  She and her dogs have achieved obedience, tracking, conformation, agility, and a variety of hunting titles.  Greta currently has two retired Golden Retrievers.


Mark Kocab:  Mark has multiple dog breeds including Saluki's, Whippets, and Dalmatians.  He has been showing both his own and other breeders dogs for 18 years.  Mark has shown eight of his dogs to championships and is currently showing in obedience and agility. 


Shelly Wallace:  Shelly has taught obedience for the past five years and has been involved in dogs for the past twelve. She has three German Shepherds and one mixed breed; all of which are working on a variety of AKC and UKC titles in obedience, agility, tracking, and flyball. The dogs also dabble in Frisbee and all of the dogs are CGC/TDI certified and visit nursing homes/hospitals from time to time.  Shelly is a member of Heel n Time Drill team and Northeast Ohio dog Club (an upcoming AKC club).
      Shelly started training to help the average pet person gain knowledge in obedience and behavior so that they could have a loving companion in their lives. She also has expanded her teaching to the Novice show level, as well as CGC/TDI for those who want to explore other ventures in the dog world

Connie Neibecker:

    I started training dogs in September 1992 when I got a puppy and wanted him to be well behaved and most importantly-wanted him to come to me when I called him.  I have obedience trained three dogs (shelties).  One dog was trained through Utility  and was retired due to illness.  The other dog is trained in open and competition  Frisbee and has competed in flyball and has is flyball dog excellent title .  the newest sheltie addition just completed his AKC CD titile. I compete and train in both AKC and UKC registries.  To my one dog's credit, we received a High In Trial award in an Open B class.  I believe that obedience training is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our beloved companions.  I use a variety of training methods and regularly attend training seminars.  I started teaching competition obedience in September 1999.  Give it a try, you might enjoy it.


 Bridget Telencio:  Bridget has trained dogs for  8 years to compete in various AKC venues.    She currently has a Dalmatian who has finished in the top 20 obedience Dalmatians in the country. Sargeant First Class, CDX, TD, NA, NAJ, FD is work for his tracking dog excellent and utility title. She also had a Dalmatian  CH. Legacy & Hattrick's Lancelot who she is finished in conformation, and is working on obedience, tracking flyball and agility.   She is always willing to learn from people and wants to make each dog and owner confident in training.  
       I received my first dog when I was 3 years old he was a Collie named  Benji although my mom did most of the training Benji lived 12 years and nurtured my love for dogs and pushed me to learn more about dog training.  I the got my second dog a Papillion named Gizmo who was a great obedience dog and furthered my knowledge. And now I have Sarge & Lance who have given me the courage to show in AKC venues and have done so with great success.  I Love to train dogs and enjoy the people who want to make there dogs better members of their families.  I also what to help people discover the sport of showing their dog if they world like to learn.  I look forward to help you get started .  For more information on me and my dogs visit


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